When it comes to messaging, WhatsApp is by far the most popular app among people today. Innumerable smartphone users have this app installed in their devices for the many advantages it offers. Apart from being a messaging platform, it also allows video calling, voice messages, location sharing, etc. Clearly, an app as this has all details about a person; hence, WhatsApp hack can reveal everything about his or her life.

Emergence of spyware has allowed parents, businessmen and others to hack an account ethically.


Using verified spyware

However, it is essential to use trustworthy software. Commonly used apps that come with subscriptions or onetime payment are:

  • Root explorer
  • Backuptrans
  • MxSpy
  • Spy Bubble
  • iSpyoo
  • Copy9, etc.

Advantages of using a spyware

These software allow hacking of WhatsApp messages either from a smartphone or a personal computer. It is nothing much a collection of malicious codes that trap data. For hacking WhatsApp online, one has to connect the target device to the internet. Immediately after that, the hacker will get all the data. There are complex methods as well, but this simple process has the following advantages:

Location tracking

Since WhatsApp offers this location sharing feature, these spywares can discover the precise location of the device and provides timely updates to the hacker. This is especially needed when parents are worried about the whereabouts of their kids.


Getting detected is the biggest concern when it comes to hacking. Parents or spouses want to keep track of their loved ones without being discovered. This is where these applications come into play. They become a part of the OS itself and remain invisible both to the target device and the antivirus software. TheTruthSpy, Flexispy, mSpy are few popular ones in the market.

Call log access

Even the calls missed, received and dialed can be seen – a big relief for the parents. If a child is getting repeated calls from a number, this enables the parents to check the number and identify whether it is a potential threat or not. The exact date and time can also be retrieved through these methods.

Instant access to messages

To hack WhatsApp chat history, premium version of the popular spyware can come into use. These spies keep the hackers updated on the exchange of chats from the target phone and ensure that nothing is missed from the eyes of the observer. Even if the hacker is logged out from the network, all data will be saved, ready to be viewed by the hacker anytime later.

Viewing multimedia files

Attachments and files shared to and from that targeted device can also be viewed. One can access audios, videos, photos with ease.

Recorded call retrieval

Spying is incomplete if you cannot listen to the voice calls made through WhatsApp. The premium software allow hackers to listen and view all video calls and recorded audios respectively. One can even restore the deleted videos and audios.

Most importantly, you don’t need to learn how to hack WhatsApp account much. Most of these apps allow accessing a person’s account without any coding know-how, quite easily.