For a number of years now WhatsApp has dominated the messaging world. People have made it their primary messaging app. It has over half a billion users worldwide which makes it the most popular chatting app being used in the world today.

With a few added feature, it is no longer just a texting app. you can make audio and video calls and also add picture status. Since it has some users, there are privacy and security policies put in place. This means that the only people who can decipher a message are the sender and the recipient of the text.

The message correspondence of the app is locked and can’t be read or accessed by a third party. This makes the app difficult to track down because the app developers don’t offer a backdoor that allows user access to user communications. However, there are a number of spy apps you can use to spy people’s WhatsApp messages. One of them is MxSpy.


How to Use  MxSpy Spy App.

People, you can begin using the whatsapp spy app you need first to check if the app is compatible with the phone you are using. This spy is compatible with iOs phones with jailbreak and no jailbreak as well as Android phones that are rooted and those that aren’t rooted.

Monitoring Steps

  1. Install MxSpy on Your Phone

This app takes about 3-5 minutes to install. People with Android phones will require to install it physically while those with iPhones physical access is only mandatory is it is a jailbroken device. iPhones with no jailbreaks need icloud log in credentials of the phone to begin spying.

  1. Use the Online Dashboard

Once you launch the spy up on your phone, the data on your phone will be transferred to the app via the online console that the user can access anytime. MxSpy is a web-based control panel that will allow you to access any information you need either remotely or discreetly. The chats get uploaded on the dashboard every day.

  1. Navigate the WhatsApp Features

For the spy app to work, you have to select WhatsApp to be able to spying the target activities that take place on IM. The spy app has a drop-down menu that allows you to begin spying. If you want to determine the encrypted chats, the app has a Live Demo that enables you to carry out your monitoring plan conveniently.

MxSpy also has a user-friendly interface that offers your strict surveillance. Using this spy app, you can be able to monitor the Whatsapp call logs along with the call details. You will be able to read the chat threads and view the multimedia files that exchange. That is the photos, audio files, videos, and documents.

You can also be able to view the older or deleted Whatsapp conversations by retrieving them from the control panel. You can also add specific keywords to the control panel if you want to spy on one particular topic from a target conversation.


Using MxSpy, you will be able to monitor and report target activities without being detected. The best thing about this app is that it runs in the background of your phone without causing any interference and ensuring the monitoring is covert.