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How to Use Parental Controls on a Smartphone?

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Today, the smartphone has become a necessity in life. It is more trending among children to search the Internet for assignments.

You may find some toddlers ordering food online or shopping goods via their parent’s phones.

It can be tricky for guardians to maintain safe and healthy usage of technology for their children.

Your child may love to watch funny videos, online movies, and TV shows.

At the same time, you don’t want your child to come across abusive content on the Internet.

Kids love digital and gaming gadgets

It is almost impossible for a kid to stay away from digital devices like smartphones, tablets, television, etc.

Spending much time on the touch screen can cause eye disorders.

A poll was carried out in 2021 by Census Wide.

The results showed that children are spending an average of 3 hours a day on smartphones and tablets.

children are spending 3 hours a day on smartphones

They spend just 1.5 hours a day in conversation with their family members.

children are spending 1.5 hours a day in family members.

The best way to control the amount of time your kids spend on their digital devices is by installing a mobile tracker.

There are many Spy Apps for Android that you can install and control remotely without them knowing it.

The application will run silently in the background so they won’t notice any difference nor be able to uninstall it, as it’s a system-level app.

Some parents have reported positive results using this software; one said he made his daughter turn off her phone after she came home from school because she was spending too much time on social media instead of doing homework.

With the help of a mobile tracker for Parents, he found out what apps were distracting her and took some control over her online activity.

Usually, medical officers advise all parents to ban digital gadgets from family meals and bedrooms at night.

Parents need to take control of their child’s digital habits.

Parental controls for smartphones

Children can do many things on the Internet.

Parents should monitor their child’s digital life.

Kids are at risk of watching inappropriate videos and websites when using their smartphones.

They can send inappropriate text messages and pictures.

Kids send messages and pictures

They can chat with predators. In short, this new technology can lead to problems.

Kids can chat with predators

Parents should think about using parental controls on digital devices to protect their children.

Most smartphones, tablets, and laptops have pre-installed.

Parental controls

Third-party applications like uMobix are also available. Anyone can download and install them.

But the main thing is to set parental control on the smartphone itself.

As a parent or guardian, you can restrict your child from:

Making online purchases using these controls.

control online purchases

You can ban your child from accessing specific features on a smartphone.

ban accessing specific features on a smartphone

You can also set controls on entertainment websites like YouTube and Netflix etc.

controls the websites

You can keep your child away even from downloading new apps from the play store.

controls downloading new apps

Parental control capabilities on Android and Apple smartphones

Parental control on Android and Apple

A range of parental control applications like uMobix is available in the market.

These applications work best on an Android device than on Apple smartphones. Some apps require you to pay an annual subscription.

Apple secures app permissions and device access.

That’s why iPhone users have to install Mobile Device Management (MDM) for the parental controls app to function well, which is not available on Android devices.

Apple is already offering a good range of web-filtering and app-blocking options in its main settings.

Android, on the other hand, offers a lot fewer options for parental control.

Android users are stuck with Android’s three settings: Restrictions (which does not offer any keylogging), Screen Timeout, and Lock Now.

Top 3 tips for parents about using parental controls on smartphones

We are living in the 21st-century high-tech devices are here to stay. Children learn about new workarounds quickly.

That means parents need to be aware of the trends and dangers that technology can bring into their child’s life!

Don't be shy while monitoring your child's phone.
Understand cyberbullying
Talk to Other Parents
Use Android Parental Controls

Don’t be shy:

monitoring your child's phone.

Your children must know that you will keep an eye on emails, apps, social media sites, and overall phone checks. In that way, they will not feel as if you are trying to spy on or trap them. Tracking your child’s smartphone on a daily or weekly basis can keep him safe from online predators.

Understand cyberbullying:


While bullying can happen online and anonymous people on social media platforms may involve in it. Keep communicating about bullying in general with your child. So, he can come to you for advice if feeling bullied through social media apps on his smartphone.

Talk to other parents:

Talk to Parents

If children in your community love the same smartphone features, talking to other parents can give you a chance to discuss new tips and tricks. It will help you in finding what is working and what is not. You will keep your child safe on and offline.

Android Parental Controls:

Android Parental Controls

Android parental controls are a great way to monitor what your child is doing on their phone and set specific time limits for them when using the device, as well as block certain apps or websites they’re not allowed to use.

How to control access to apps and content on a smartphone

Android phone users can share their phones with their children rather than buy a new smartphone.  It is also possible to create multiple users accounts with different restrictions on a single smartphone.

How do I control access to my phone?

control the content on your smartphone

– If you don’t want to be able to control the apps or content on your smartphone, there are several ways you can control access.

You can password-protect certain apps and restrict what they’re allowed to see by setting parental controls from within Settings.

What can I control on my phone?

disable and enable certain apps

– If you have control over the phone, it’s possible to disable and enable certain apps.

It is also possible to set time limitations for how much an app can be used or when a user account can access content on other devices.

You might want to create a separate guest account if your child has friends coming over who want to use their smartphone but don’t need full control of it.

If they are using a tablet with Android installed in addition to their phone, then they will still be able to use all of its features without having control of the phone itself as well.

Apple phone users can also create multiple user accounts on iCloud using a single device

After logging into an iCloud profile, you can set restrictions on iTunes, downloaded apps, app store purchases, websites, and other content.

Which system to choose to control Android or iOS?

control your kids with Android

If you want to control what your kids can access on their devices, then Android is a better option than iOS.

You don’t need an extra phone line for it and there are many more apps that will control how they use the internet including parental control software like uMobix or FlexiSPY.

Top 5 Best Spy Apps for Android

Apple has some ways of controlling content but not as much as Android does.

Geolocation features can help parents in case of an emergency

Android phone users can track their child’s current location using the third-party app uMobix.

Geolocation is a feature that shows the location of your child’s phone on an interactive map.

This allows parents to see where their children are and whether they’re in danger or not. It also provides peace of mind for parents who worry about their kids running away from home or being abducted by strangers.

The app can be used as a control mechanism, allowing you to create “geo-fences” around locations such as school grounds so you will get alerts if your child tries to leave the area without permission.

You could even set it up to receive SMS alerts when one of these geofenced areas is left unsupervised too long (for example, if someone leaves you).

This app allows you to track 24 hours a day. Location history and detailed reports will generate.

mSpy show child enters or leaves the predetermined area

This mobile tracker will provide peace of mind for parents who worry about their children running away from home or being abducted by strangers.

The app can be used as a control mechanism, allowing you to create “geo-fences” around locations such as school grounds so you’ll get alerts if your child tries to leave the area without permission.

You could even set it up to receive SMS alerts when one of these geofenced areas is left unsupervised too long (e.g., if someone leaves your house).

This app allows you to track 24 hours a day and location history reports will generate detailed information on each movement made during that time period.

All you need is to go to uMobix and signup for an online account.

After downloading and installing this best tracker app on your smartphone, you will be able to track the real-time location of your child.

The control panel allows you to see your child’s location on a map and set up alerts for when they leave any geofenced area.

You can also view all text messages, emails, photos sent/received on his device; block certain contacts or social media apps from being used on their phone, and control other additional features such as what websites they visit, etc.

This app is available in both Android and iOS versions so no matter which smartphone OS your child has installed on their mobile devices, there should be an appropriate version of this software for them.

It’s easy enough that even less tech-savvy parents will find it relatively straightforward to install – after downloading it onto one of our kid’s phones (or tablets).

Apple phone users can use the built-in geolocation feature to find the approximate location of their device. It will help parents to keep track of when their child arrives or leaves a particular area.

A mobile tracker is spy software that has been designed to control access to apps.

This can be useful for parents who want their child’s mobile phone to only allow the use of certain websites and monitor all activity on the device and notify them when it happens.

The app also includes features like remote control over any other devices linked with this one (iPhones or tablets) so they don’t have to worry about losing control of what their children are up to at school or elsewhere.

It may seem extreme but some parents say it was worth investing in an application that enabled them more control over their child’s online activities – and even saved lives.

How to limit screen time on a smartphone

time limit for child's smartphone

Android phone users can set a time limit for daily usage on their child’s smartphone using third-party apps.

There are many apps on the Google Play Store that can control access to specific apps and functions.

One such app is a mobile tracker, which allows you to monitor your child’s phone usage when they have it in their possession or not.

Among other features, this application has a daily time limit feature that limits how long the user is allowed to use the device each day- up until 24 hours of activity.

If they surpass the set time limit for that day, then all Internet connectivity will be cut off while still allowing some basic functionality like calls and texts.

This is an ideal way for parents who want control over screen time with simple options at hand without having to resort to complex parental control software solutions.

It’s a good idea that the device itself tells the child it’s time to sleep.

If a child wants to extend his screen time, he will need to send you a request.

The request will have to be granted or denied within a set period of time, which can prevent parents from getting distracted.

If a child wants to extend his screen time, he will need to send you a request

The control panel also includes the option to restrict what apps are available on the device- another great way for screen control without any third-party software required.

For example, if a child is only allowed to use Instagram during weekend hours and not Facebook but wants notifications about his favorite team playing that night… he’ll need parental approval before he sees those alerts.

And this control doesn’t just apply to children; it’s perfect for adults with their own needs in mind too!

This blog post discusses how a mobile tracker allows you to control your smartphone usage by tracking when they’ve been used and then limiting it.

Apple phone users can also set a time limit using phone settings.

If you have an android phone and your child has an iPhone, you can sync the app on your device to monitor your child’s activities.

Some Android apps give you that facility.

Protect your child’s privacy

Both android and apple smartphone users can protect their child’s privacy

Both android and apple smartphone users can protect their child’s privacy, at least till an age limit, where children can decide how much they should give themselves over to the world.

Android users: Install a mobile tracker to control app access and protect your child’s privacy.

-Android has an option of setting up password control for apps, which is one way of restricting screen time or limiting the amount of data downloaded in any given period on the device.

mSpy can be helpful

If this option is not available, then installing handy android spyware like uMobix can be helpful as it provides monitoring capabilities such as recording calls and messages while also tracking what websites they visit without having to manually log into their devices every few hours to see what they are doing online at that moment.

What makes uMobix different from other competitors?

-uMobix also has a control panel that allows the user to control what they want their child to be able to access on the device.

This includes setting up restrictions for apps, so if you don’t want your kids to play games or download videos all day, this control may help limit screen time.

What are some of the other features?

-One additional feature is uMobix ability to monitor and record phone calls as well as messages sent through WhatsApp without having any technical knowledge about smartphones.

The only requirement is physical access or permission from whoever owns the Android phone being monitored.

Using third-party android apps, you can restrict your child from sharing photos of him and his family.

third-party android apps

Using built-in features on an Apple smartphone, you can allow and disable pictures, calendars, contacts, location, and music.

features on an Apple smartphone

The control over an Android phone can be helpful when it comes to limiting screen time.

What are some of the other features that uMobix offers?

One additional feature is their ability to monitor and record phone calls as well as messages sent through WhatsApp without having any technical knowledge about smartphones.

The only requirement for this is physical access or permission from whoever owns the Android phone being monitored.

Final thoughts

Today, the smartphone has become a private and personal technology. It might be difficult for parents to put control over how their children use a phone.

However, with control and parental control software, you can restrict your child from sharing photos of him and his family with friends on social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat if they’re under the age of 18.

Opinion of expert
Sundar Pichai
Google CEO
Finally, we as adults must have discussions about our online habits so that kids will learn by example what constitutes responsible behavior in this digital world.

It is also a must to listen to your child’s privacy concerns rather than just setting rules.


  1. Hari Ghazni

    Ricky is a free parental control app that helps parents manage their kids’ screen time, set screen limits and restrictions, and even time out inappropriate content.

    Ricky lets you create a profile for each family member with a customizable passcode. Choose your device from the list of compatible devices by well-known brands like Google, Apple, Samsung among others. Simply set up an account to get started! Kids can’t uninstall ricky from his own phone but he can call or message anytime to report any kind of inappropriate content or the need for help in changing settings if it’s needed.

    2 years назад
  2. Mahmud

    The smartphone has become a necessity of life. With so many apps and games available, it’s hard to imagine living without one. However, there are some things you can do to make your smartphone experience safer for you and those around you by using parental controls on a smartphone.

    This is especially important if the child uses their phone at home or school where they may not be able to easily separate what they’re doing in real life from what they’re doing on screen – whether that means scrolling through Facebook or playing games with friends online. Parental Controls allow parents to restrict specific features of an App based on age group (e.g., no adult content), time of day (no late night browsing) and location

    2 years назад

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