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Top 5 Instagram Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with 120 million active users today. Teenagers and people under the age of 35 years use this platform at most.

Scrolling the feed on Instagram is very fun and entertaining. However, if you are worried about what your loved ones are doing on this app: there is a way; to secretly view their activities using an Instagram spy app.

Is it possible to spy on an Instagram account?

If you maintain excellent security habits and a strong password, your Instagram account is secure. But, it doesn’t mean your Instagram account cannot hack by anyone.

For an android and iPhone, there are three ways to spy on an Instagram account:

Instagram spy app
Stealing password
Phishing page

The best way to monitor the Instagram activities of someone is the use of an Instagram spy app.

There are numerous mobile monitoring applications available in the market.

The spy apps work in a hidden mode.

Instagram spy apps in hidden mode

You can spy on the target phone remotely.

spy Instagram of remotely

Well, if you don’t have the target device and its details, there is no way to spy on an Instagram account.

How to install an Instagram spy app on the target phone?

To start tracking, all you need to do is: visit the official website of a spy app and purchase the app online.

The top 5 Instagram spy apps for Android and iPhone users this year include the following:


After purchasing, you will receive an email containing the app download link and a step-by-step installation guide.

You can easily configure the spy app on your target device by following this guide.

What can be monitored on an Instagram account using a spy app?

You need to select an Instagram spy app that must be compatible with your target device (phone or tablet).

You can track and read private messages:

track and read messages Instagram

 with their full content like photos, videos, and links on an Android and iPhone.

An Instagram spy app allows you to monitor:

spy app Instagram

post likes and comments, posted images, videos, GIFs, followers, followings, live and archived Instagram stories of the target user.

When is it OK to see someone’s Instagram direct messages?

To spy on an Instagram account means secretly checking all the activities of the other person.

Not everyone is permissible to it.

Only parents, partners, and employers with an actual cause can use an Instagram spy app.

Call logs and call recording iKeyMonitor

Parents need to check direct messages (DMs) on their kid’s smartphones to know if anything is wrong.

UMobix history of the target iPhone

Partners can check message media and content to check if their spouse is chatting with someone on Instagram.

Employers can track their employees’ productivity by checking if they are spending their time on Instagram during working hours.

The spy apps record all the DMs at the proper time.

You can see monitored messages with date and time stamps on your spy app control panel.

How to use UMobix for Instagram monitoring?

UMobix for Instagram monitoring

This Instagram tracking app allows monitoring logs and activities on the target phone and tablet. It is compatible to work with all cell phone providers around the world.

Users can see the whole history of the target device on the dashboard.

UMobix for Instagram monitoring

It helps parents to protect their children from online dangers.

Employers can use this app to track their employees’ productivity.

UMobix for Instagram monitoring

This will help motivate ineffective workers.

Individuals can use it to maintain their iPhone backup.

UMobix for Instagram monitoring

You will always be protected from any trouble with your phone.

The target device user would not detect this app as it works in a covert mode.

This app is invisible on iOS and Android devices (phone and tablets).

UMobix for iOS users

UMobix for iOS users

For an iOS device, you need to select the plan and purchase the app online.

There is no need for physical access to the target iPhone or iPad.

Only Apple iCloud login ID and password are required.

Then, log in to your UMobix dashboard, enter the iCloud details of the target device, and start monitoring.

This app works with all iOS devices and versions.

Following is a list of devices supported by the UMobix app:

iPad (all)

UMobix works with all iPad

iPhone 5-14 

UMobix works with all iPhone devices

It can extract the files from any iPhone and return a copy of recovered data files to your online account.

This functionality is useful in the cases of a broken iPhone or iPad, failed iOS update, and deleted something important.

This app does not require a jailbreak to work with an iOS device.

UMobix app for Android users

UMobix app for Android users

For an Android device, you receive an email containing the app download link after purchasing it online.

There is a need for physical access to the target android device.

  1. You can download the app on the target device by opening the download link.
  2. Then you need to activate the app by entering its license key after installation.
  3. An Internet connection is a must to install this app.
  4. You also need to enter the telephone number of the target device during installation.
  5. Once configured, you can start monitoring.

This Instagram tracking app works with all Android devices and OS versions.

Following is a list of devices supported by UMobix:

huawei logologo htcpixel logonexus logo

logo samsunglogo lglogo motorolalogo xiaomi

The company offers a live control panel on its website for users. It is a simple dashboard.

It allows you to set all the mobile functions within the functionality of this software application.

All the details gathered: including Instagram data from the target device, are accessible on the control panel.

  • There is no need to reinstall the UMobix app if the target user changes its phone number; the app will continue to work.
  • There is no need to make changes to the settings for android device monitoring.

If you need to monitor more than one device, then the control panel allows you to switch between devices effortlessly.

How can you tell if your phone has an Instagram spy app installed?

your phone has an Instagram spy app installed

Five signs will tell you if your phone is running a spy app on it:

  • Battery drain
  • Increase in data usage
  • Hot phone
  • Screenshots and recordings
  • Screen activity

Usually, Instagram spy apps record your phone info and upload it to the spy app dashboard from where the person is spying on you; can view this monitored data.

For that reason, the target device will show a higher data usage.

These apps run in the background all the time; It will drain your phone battery.

  • Your phone screen can lighten up without you touching it.
  • You will feel your phone back warmer.

If you notice screenshots of your Instagram direct messages and photos in your gallery that you didn’t make, then it’s a clear sign that someone has installed an Instagram spy app on your device.


How to use FlexiSPY™ for Instagram monitoring?

FlexiSPY Instagram tracking app


FlexiSPY™ Instagram tracking app secretly records events happening on the target iPhone/iPad and sends this information to your web account.

You may switch on the microphone at any time.

flexispy to use microphone

This feature allows you to record what’s going on around the target phone; whenever you like.

This app works in the background mode.

flexispy works in the background mode

It is undetectable for the target device user; you can leave or delete the app icon during installation.

You can also hide the app icon at the target iPhone using the Settings option.

For iOS users

FlexiSPY™ app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 to 14.x; you can check your iOS version from the Settings option.

The target iPhone requires jailbreak for the proper functioning of this app.

iPhone requires jailbreak for the proper functioning

Face time spy cam feature is not available for iOS 12.x to 14.x versions currently.

flexispy Face time spy cam feature

After purchasing the app at, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details.

You select the device on which the app needs to install after login into your FlexiSPY™ web account.

You need to configure the app on the target iPhone by following on-screen instructions.

Then you can monitor activity reports: including Instagram activities, on your dashboard.

For Android users

FlexiSPY™ app is compatible with Android versions 4 to 11.

FlexiSPY™ app is compatible with Android

FlexiSPY for Android

You must have physical access to the target android phone and its passcode.

  • The call interception feature is not available for CDMA devices; you can check your Android version from the device settings option.
  • Android version 8 does not support spy call and call interception. Android version 9 to 11 does not support spoof SMS and a call interception.
  • Spy call works only on non-rooted Samsung devices with Android versions 9, 10, and 11.

Rooting is required to unlock the advanced features on all other Android phones and tablets.

  1. After purchasing the app at, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details.
  2. You select the device on which the app needs to install after login into your FlexiSPY™ web account.
  3. You need to configure the app on the target device by following on-screen instructions.

Then you can monitor activity reports: including Instagram activities, on your dashboard.

How do I install FlexiSPY on my device if I’m not a technician?

The company will install the software for you at $39.99.

You will need to access the target Android device and initiate a chat with customer support.

how to install FlexiSPY

The qualified technician will root the Android phone and take care of the rest.

FlexiSPY Express delivers a mobile phone directly at your door with a pre-installed spy app.

FlexiSPY Express delivers

The company offers a free FlexiVIEW mobile app for android with every purchase.

If the technician fails in configuring the app on your target Android phone, the company will refund you all the $39.99.

FlexiSPY™ also offers a video library on how to use the features of the app and the installation process.

You can visit your FlexiSPY™ online control panel on your mobile using the FlexiVIEW app.

The FlexiSPY Company uses humans on live chat rather than chatbots and has a maximum 24 hours response time.

Buy FlexiSPY

How to use Hoverwatch for Instagram monitoring?

Hoverwatch Instagram tracking app

This Instagram tracking app is an affordable and reliable solution for parents and employers.

It is considered one of the best Android tracking apps in the market today.

As the company stated on the website, its clients range from individuals and small businesses to large enterprises in the financial sector.

If you check the box that states: “Hide Hoverwatch icon”; during installation, then this app will not be detectable for the target user.

However, if you leave that box unchecked, then the app icon will display on the target device, and the app will be detectable.

For iOS users

This app does not support Instagram monitoring for iPhones and iPads.

Hoverwatch does not support iPhones and iPads

Developers do not work with devices because of the inability to get real-time data.

The Hoverwatch app supports Android devices, Mac, and Windows PCs.

Hoverwatch app supports Android devices

You get all the data from the devices in real time.

For Android users

This app supports Android-based devices 4.x to 7.x.

Hoverwatch For Android devices

Hoverwatch app supports Android-based devices

You have to visit the official website to download this app.

The Hoverwatch app is not available in the play store.

However, you have to prepare the target device from the Play Store menu.

It will prevent the Android device from asking questions about this Instagram spy app activity.

Successful tracking is possible only if the app has been successfully installed and configured on the target device. You can also visit for learning installation steps. You need to Sign Up on the official website first.

install Hoverwatch

Tap the Google Play Store app on the target phone.

how to install Hoverwatch

Find the Play Protect option from the menu bar and open the Settings button.

Hoverwatch for Instagram monitoring

Then turn off the Scan apps with the Play Protect option.

how to install Hoverwatch

You need to log in to your Hoverwatch online account using your target Android phone.

Hoverwatch for Instagram monitoring

Then you can download and install the Hoverwatch app on this device for monitoring it secretly.

From the dashboard, you can download this app on your target phone.

If prompted, tap Settings to allow installation and tap the Install option. Open the app. It will ask you which device you want to monitor.

You can choose one option from the three: My kid’s device, the Employee device, and My own device.

install the Hoverwatch app

If you are willing to run this app in hidden mode. Then click the OK button.

download and install the Hoverwatch app

Accept the legal terms and select the apps that you want to monitor on the target device.

Now, you have to enter your same login details again.

download and install the Hoverwatch app

It’s time to give special permissions to this tracker app like locations, calls, photos, contacts, etc.

download and install the Hoverwatch app

By tapping on the Allow button, you will allow the Hoverwatch app to get screenshots and unlock selfies from the target phone.

finish install the Hoverwatch app

Hence, the target device will be set to get monitored with your portal on your device remotely.

The company offers a 3-day Free Trial to decide whether this app should be your choice or not.

How to use mSpy™ for Instagram monitoring?

This Instagram tracker app sends updates from the target device to your mSpy™ account as per the update interval you set.

 Instagram monitoring mSpy

This company uses encryption protocols to ensure the security and privacy of its customers.

The mSpy™ app works in hidden mode on the target Android phone or tablet if you don’t choose the option “I would like to keep the icon”; during installation.

However, if you have selected this option, an icon will display, and the target user will notify about mSpy™ activities.

For iOS users

Instagram tracker iphone app

Apple Id and password are required to set up monitoring on iPhone.

You must have physical access to the target iOS device to enable the iCloud backup; you will also receive a verification code on the target device.

This process to configure the mSpy™ app should complete in 5 minutes.

mSpy™ app is compatible with all iOS devices from iOS 7 and above.

An iPhone jailbreak is required at the target device to monitor communication apps like Instagram with an option to block.

For Android users

The app is installed on the target android device directly.

It means that physical access to the target device is compulsory for you.

Installation can take up to 10 minutes.

After this, you will monitor the targeted phone’s Instagram activities like direct messages, feeds, etc.

It is a reliable cell phone tracker compatible with Android OS 4 and above.

tracker compatible with Android

mspy supports all Android

You can check your smartphone compatibility with the mSpy™ app. For this, you have to enter the model of the phone or tablet on the website.

This app supports all the popular Android devices Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, and Xiaomi and etc.

logo samsunglogo lglogo motorolalogo xiaomi

huawei logologo htcpixel logonexus logo

Device rooting is compulsory to unlock the premium features on an Android phone or tablet.


From screen time management to Instagram tracking, all the features are impressive and work flawlessly. You can surely go with any of these Instagram spy apps to protect your loved ones.



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