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Top 4 Best Spy Apps for iPhone

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Are you encountering some issues in selecting the best spy software application for your iPhone?

Well, most spy apps have similar specifications and features. You can find these apps alike to each other.

However, if you don’t know how to choose the best spy app for your iPhone, we can help you find a mobile spy app that’s right for you.

Criteria for Choosing the best iPhone Spy App

The topmost factor to be considered while choosing a mobile spy app is compatibility.

The spy app must be compatible with the target iPhone model you want to monitor.

Another factor to consider is the features offered by the mobile spy app.

Regardless of your intended purpose, most of the spyware has the same features: tracking phone location, monitoring social media apps, call logs, and text messages, web history.

Your selected spy app should meet your particular requirements for monitoring.

Work mode is another major factor you need to take into account.

The spy app must be undetectable on the target iOS device.

It should work in stealth mode and remain invisible to the target iPhone owner.

Make sure that the user will not find your spy app in his program list after its installation.

4 Best Spy Apps for iPhone

There are two cases with the monitoring of Apple devices (phones and tablets).

An iPhone that’s not jailbroken.

iPhone that's not jailbroken

iPhones that are not jailbroken can track easily using the iCloud credentials of the target user. Everything with a backup on iCloud is available for monitoring without installing a spy app on the target iOS device.

An iPhone that hasn’t been jailbroken.

iPhone jailbroken

The spy apps offer more monitoring features for iOS if the iPhone targeted is jailbroken. It allows you to track the target device with endless possibilities.

Following is a list of top iPhone spy apps with popular features for the year 2022:

UMobix ™
FlexiSPY ™
iKeyMonitor ™

FlexiSPY™ Unique Monitoring Software for iOS

FlexiSPY™ Best Spy Apps for iPhone for iOS

This software suite allows you to see the usage of a device on a day-to-day basis.

It offers in-depth monitoring and reporting features like call recording and call interception than any other provider out there.

FlexiSPY™ app secretly records events happening on the target iPhone/iPad and sends this information to your web account.

You can even enable the microphone when it is not in use.

This feature allows you to record what’s going on around the target phone; whenever you like.

8 Popular Features of FlexiSPY™

FlexiSPY has three packages:

LITE offers an essential set of monitoring features at an unbeatable price.
Choose PREMIUM for all-around monitoring of mobile activities.
Only for the most demanding detectives.

With different feature offerings. They differ in price and features available.

Learn more about the functionality of the packages and choose the right one for you.

 The premium package includes:-

Call logs, camera use, and web history:-

FlexiSPY call logs

 The premium package allows you to monitor text messages, call logs, passwords, and GPS location, multimedia files like videos and pictures, Internet browsing history, camera use on the target iPhone.

Manage installed apps:-

FlexiSPY control which are run on the target device

You can control which apps are allowed to install and run on the target device. You can even uninstall the already installed apps using the Manage Apps feature. Once installed on the target iPhone, you can update the FlexiSPY™ app remotely.

Keywords alert:-

FlexiSPY keyword alerts

FlexiSPY™ app can monitor specific keywords on the target iPhone. A notification is sent to you as an email or text message when specified keywords are triggered. Parents can use this feature to track specific languages relating to drug use, profanity, or whatever they choose.

Social media apps:-

FlexiSPY Spy on Facebook Messenger

It allows you to monitor social media and instant messaging apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Hangout, Kik, Hike, Instagram, Telegram, Tinder, and WeChat.

The extreme package includes:-

The advanced features included in the Extreme package work remarkably well.

If the target iPhone is in an area where the signal quality is not excellent, then the recording quality will not be good.

But most of the places have reliable network coverage, so this can rarely be an issue.

Listen and intercept live audio calls:-

FlexiSPY live audio calls

With the Call Intercept option, you can listen to both incoming and outgoing phone calls on your target iPhone. You can set up notifications for any calls made from that device in our dashboard. In addition, all phone calls from that device will be recorded on your personal computer.

These phone calls are uploaded to your FlexiSPY™ account automatically.

After login, you can select a recorded call that you wish to listen to; these calls are downloadable from the FlexiSPY™ dashboard.

You can also record the phone calls from specific contacts only.


FlexiSPY powerful Keylogger

This package contains a powerful function key logging along with other standard features of FlexiSPY™ lite and premium packages. You can download usernames and passwords for any site or application of the target iPhone types; you can access this information from your web account.

GPS and spoof messages:-

FlexiSPY location tracking feature

The location tracking feature shows you the precise location of the target iPhone on a map. Once the app is installed and configured on the device, you will see all the messages without accessing a phone physically. You can send a spoofed SMS to anyone in the phone’s contacts to confirm suspicions.

Microphone activation:-

FlexiSPY activate the microphone

This app can activate the microphone of the target iPhone.

You can use the iPhone’s recording feature to listen to what is happening around your phone.

You have two options for this: you can turn on the real-time listening, or if you prefer not to be disturbed, just set a scheduled time for it.

Compatibility and Installation

FlexiSPY™ app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 to 14.x; you can check your iOS version from the Settings option.

A jailbreak is required for all of the app’s features to work on the target iPhone.

Face time spy cam feature is not available for iOS 12.x to 14.x versions currently.

FlexiSPY™ app with iOS versions

After purchasing the app at, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details.

You select the device on which the app needs to install after login into your FlexiSPY™ web account.

You need to configure the app on the target iPhone by following on-screen instructions.

Then you can monitor activity reports on your dashboard.


Don’t know how to install the FlexiSPY app on your device?

 The company will install the software for you at $39.99.

You will need to access the target iPhone and initiate a chat with customer support.

The qualified technician will jailbreak the iPhone and takes care of the rest.

If the technician fails in configuring the app on your target iPhone, the company will refund you all the $39.99.

Opinion of expert
Harold Craig
Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer
Flexispy is the greatest way to get inside someone’s activity. You can monitor everything from their location, phone calls, and texts messages all without ever having them know they’re being watched! But don’t just do it for a little harmless fun-the software has been known to be used in court cases when evidence of guilt was needed before conviction could occur. Imagine if your child or spouse had something going on but you couldn’t prove anything until now? The remote cam feature lets you watch with no one knowing so nothing goes unnoticed anymore. It even catches people who are using fake names online, which would allow parents peace of mind while letting kids explore new things around the world and stay safe at home. I adore how FlexiSPY allows me to see what my partner is doing on their mobile device. I also would have liked to be able to take screenshots of the phone’s screen, but with this app, you can’t do that! That said, tech support is incredible- they respond within a few hours and only need resetting your password when needed. In contrast, other spyware applications lack these key features and look like one big money-making scam from amateurs who know nothing about professional software development at all. For those considering buying it though – trust me: the cost may sound daunting now but believe me, it’s worth every penny because of just how much more powerful this app is compared to others in its industry.


Video for a simple installation

FlexiSPY simple installation

FlexiSPY™ also offers a video library on how to use the features of the app and the installation process.

FlexiSPY Express

FlexiSPY Express delivers a mobile phone

FlexiSPY Express delivers a mobile phone directly to your door with a pre-installed spy app.


iPhone FlexiVIEW mobile app

The company offers a free FlexiVIEW mobile app for iPhones with every purchase.

Using mobile to control

control panel FlexiVIEW

You can visit your online control panel on your mobile using the FlexiVIEW app.

FlexiSPY™ uses humans on live chat rather than chatbots and has a maximum 24 hours response time.

Can you install the FlexiSPY app yourself?

Plans and Pricing

The company truly separates itself from its competitors with its extreme package.

Its cost is more than twice the premium package.

But the FlexiSPY™ Extreme package offers the functionality that you will not find with any other spy product.

$29.95 / Month
  • Lite Plan
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Minimum functionality
$68 / Month
  • Premium plan
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Medium functionality
$199 / Month
  • Extreme plan
  • Three months Subscription
  • Full functionality
  • The subscription plan for a lite package is $29.99 per month.
  • The premium packages are $69.98 for one month, $149.96 monthly, or an annual rate of $199 but require the purchase of a new device with mobile data enabled to start.
  • The extreme spy app subscription plan being offered starts at$199 to purchase for 3 months or a monthly fee of $349.

An only premium package is available for iPad and computers with exclusive features.

Pros & Cons

  • You can monitor multiple devices at the same time using this professional monitoring software application.
  • It offers the maximum number of advanced features.

  • There is a need for physical access to the target iPhone/iPad for this app installation.
  • This tracking app does not support the latest iPhones and iPads.
  • FlexiSPY™ subscription plans are expensive.

Do you trust your children?

FlexiSPY™ Work Mode

This app works in the background mode.

disable and enable certain apps

It is undetectable for the target device user; you can leave or delete the app icon during installation.

You can also hide the app icon on the target iPhone using the Settings option.

FlexiSPY is catching up with its competitor and may soon overtake mSpy in functionality and customer experience. We see new functionality being implemented which is unique in the market. That’s why the app is worthy of second place in the Best Spy Apps for iPhone and takes it rightfully.

Try FlexiSpy now

UMobix Cell Phone Monitoring Software for iOS


UMobix Cell Phone Monitoring for iOS

As uMobix shows, it is easy-to-use application software for parents and employers.

This app allows monitoring logs and activities on the target iPhone/iPad.

It is compatible to work with all cell phone providers around the world.

UMobix history of the target iPhone

Users can see the whole history of the target iPhone on the dashboard. It helps parents to protect their children from online dangers.

UMobix to track their employees

Employers can use this app to track their employees’ productivity; Individuals can use it to maintain their iPhone backup.

7 Popular Features of UMobix

Of course, the application has not 7 functions but much more, but we have chosen the main ones to demonstrate the functionality of the application.

User-friendly interface:-

UMobix Monitoring Software for iOS

This app allows you to create time triggers and change display options. It has a user-friendly interface.

You can monitor your target iPhone/iPad in real-time.

The app records sent, received, and deleted text messages for later viewing.


Photos and videos:-

It allows monitoring of all the photos and videos saved on the target iPhone. You can view all the pictures taken from the target phone camera. All these multimedia files are accessible on your UMobix dashboard with geolocation information, date, and time stamps.

GPS locations:-

GPS location feature uploads the GPS positions in periodic and regular intervals on a Google map. It is a handy option for parents and employers confused about where their child or employee spends time. It is a useful option to find out the physical location of your lost iPhone.

Social media apps:-

UMobix app allows tracking social media

UMobix app allows tracking communication on different social networking platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Skype. The app records messages, photos, and videos shared from the target device on instant messaging platforms.


iMessages and emails:-

This app is an alternative solution for people looking for recording messages on iPhones and iPad.

You can access details from the contact list with the target device, or read emails and iMessages to get a full picture of activity.

Web history:-

You can restrict certain types of websites using the browser history feature. It helps employers in finding out whether employees are wasting time online during working hours. It also helps parents in finding out whether their child is playing games online during studying hours.

Stealth camera:-

UMobix app offers a unique feature: remote camera activation.

You can activate the target’s iPhone camera and take pictures at any time remotely.

The taken pictures are uploaded automatically to your dashboard.

It helps you to know what’s going on around the target iPhone.

Would you like to have a hidden camera on your partner’s phone?

Compatibility and Installation

For an iOS device, you need to select the plan and purchase the app online.

There is no need for physical access to the target iPhone or iPad.

Only an Apple iCloud login ID and password are required.

Then, log in to your UMobix dashboard, enter the iCloud details of the target device, and start monitoring.

This app works with all iOS devices and versions. Following is a list of devices supported by the UMobix app:

iPad (all)

UMobix works with all iPad

iPhone 5-14 

UMobix works with all iPhone devices

It can extract the files from any iPhone and return a copy of recovered data files to your online account.

This functionality is useful in the cases of a broken iPhone or iPad, failed iOS update, and deleted something important.

This app does not require a jailbreak to work with an iOS device.


mobile spy app features

There is no need to make changes to the settings for iPhone/iPad monitoring.

Compatibility Spy App for Android

There is no need to reinstall the UMobix app if the target user changes their phone number; the app will continue to work.

Plans and Pricing

Only two subscription plans are available: Basic and Full.

None of them are free; this app does not offer a trial or free version.

$29.99 / Month
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Minimum functionality
$59.99 / Month
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Medium functionality
$33.33 / Month
  • Three months Subscription
  • Full functionality

For Android devices.

logo android
The Basic version costs $29.99.
The Full version costs $69.99.
A one-year subscription to this app will cost you $14.99 per month.

For iOS devices.

Apple logo
The Basic version is $29.99;
The Full version is $49.99.
A one-year subscription will be less expensive at $12.49 per month.

Pros & Cons

  • The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • This spy app has a responsive and easy-to-use interface.

  • The app installation process is complicated.
  • Only one package is available for iPhone/iPad monitoring.

Opinion of expert
Oksana Kovtonyuk
Feedback from

Great service

I am more than happy with this software. All the described features work as it has been declared. There were no problems with installation on android based devices and iOS. Now my kids are under reasonable supervision. Thank you, Umobix!

UMobix Work Mode

The target device user would not detect this app as it works in a covert mode.

control the content on your smartphone

This app is invisible on iOS devices (iPhone and tablets).

Although UMobix is a newcomer in the spyware market it takes its place in Best Spy Apps for iPhone.

This application noticeably extends its functionality and may soon catch up with the leaders in quantity and quality of functions in its arsenal.


iKeyMonitor™ Ultimate Monitoring App for iOS

Monitoring App for iOS iKeyMonitor

This app is considered a digital parent due to its monitoring, controlling, and protection capabilities.

The iKeyMonitor app allows viewing iPhone info and the online activities of your loved ones in real-time.

It was developed for users to experience ultimate covert surveillance.

9 Popular Features of iKeyMonitor™


Sent and received messages:-

iKeyMonitor™ app records all the SMS and messages

iKeyMonitor™ app records all the SMS and messages received on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram. When it requires: tracking the messages sent by the target user, the keylogger feature will help you out there.

Social media and instant messaging apps:-

iKeyMonitor tracking WhatsApp Messages

This app supports tracking data on various famous platforms like Skype, Viber,

Line, Kik, Hangout, IMO, WeChat, Gmail, Hike, Tinder, QQ, Zalo, and KakaoTalk support Snapchat tracking only on jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

Call logs and call recording:-

Call logs and call recording iKeyMonitor

You can see the list of people your kid or partner has been talking to; you can record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone and Internet apps using Call and Call Recording features. An option to download recorded calls is also available on the iKeyMonitor dashboard.

GPS and Geo-Fencing:-

iKeyMonitor track the real-time location

This app can track the real-time location of your target iPhone. Parents can restrict the areas for their kids using the geofencing feature. When the target user enters or leaves the set radius, a notification will receive at your iKeyMonitor™ dashboard about it.

Clipboard and photos:-

iKeyMonitor see all data from the clipboard that is pasted into online apps

This app allows users to see all data from the clipboard that is pasted into online apps. The photos on the target iPhone can be watched one by one automatically or downloaded at any time.

Screenshots-based monitoring:-

iKeyMonitor monitoring the Screenshots

iKeyMonitor™ app takes screenshots from every corner of the target device and uploads them to your online account. You can sort out them by app or time; you can also download a particular screenshot to save it offline.

Keystrokes and saved contacts:-

iKeyMonitor hows you all the searches

This app shows you; all the searches made by the user on Amazon, Netflix, Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other apps using the keystrokes feature.  You can also check the list of contacts saved on your target’s iPhone.

Record live surroundings:-

Record live surroundings iKeyMonitor

The iKeyMonitor™ app allows you to activate the microphone of your target iPhone when it is free. You can record what’s going on around your target user using Record Live Surrounding Sounds feature. Once the recording has finished, you will be able to listen to it on your dashboard.

Capture a live photo of the target user:-

iKeyMonitor activate the microphone of iPhone

Using the Record Live Photo option, you can also activate the target iPhone camera (front and rear). The clicked photo will be on your dashboard after a few minutes.

Compatibility and Installation

iKeyMonitor™ app is compatible with all Apple devices having iOS versions 9.x to 14.x.iKeyMonitor™ works with all Apple device


In the case of a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, physical access to the target device is a must for app installation.

For a non-jailbroken device, the iCloud ID and Password of the target device require.

  • Two-factor authentication should be turned OFF; for automatic monitoring.
  • You have to enable the iCloud backup on the target iPhone/iPad.

There is no need to access the device physically in this case.

This spy app also works well with non-jailbroken iPhones and tablets.

However, a jailbreak is required to unlock the advanced features: like a keylogger, screenshots, remote microphone activation, and voice call recordings on the target device.

The company offers a 3-day free trial to let you decide whether iKeyMonitor™ is an option for you or not.

You will receive an email containing your login details after successfully Sign Up on the website.

Log in to your online account using your target iPhone and download the app.

This tracking app throws a flock of permissions.

You have to give permissions to record phone calls, access to device location, and so on; during installation.

You have to configure battery settings for the successful running of the iKeyMonitor™ app in the background of the iPhone.

iKeyMonitor 3-day free trial

Then, you need to configure accessibility, screen capturing, usage access, and other settings.

Uncheck both boxes that state: Display status bar icon and Display home screen icon; during configuration.

Your target iPhone/iPad will set to start monitoring your child’s activities in stealth mode.


All the photos and videos show in the form of pictures and videos.

  • It tracks all the digital activities on iPhone.
  • It shows text in the form of text on your online account.

iKeyMonitor for iPhones

Additionally, this tracking app allows screenshots-based monitoring of your loved ones’ iPhones.

It also captures abusive and harsh words typed by the target user and presents them to you as Alerts.

Plans and Pricing

The company offers two plans for its customers: Free and Business.

Free Plan Forever
Free basic
  • Free Plan Forever
  • Minimum functionality
$9.99 / Month
  • Business PLAN
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Full functionality
  • Free basic + Addons (Addon features $9.99 – 3 Days
    From $16.66/m – On-demand). iKeyMonitor Monitor for iPhone/iPad, Android. Plan Online.
  • Plan Business – $9.9/m/device (20+ Required).  iKeyMonitor Self-hosted data server for Android Only.

This parental control app offers a free forever plan but the functionality of this plan is different from the paid version.

Pros & Cons

  • The company provides excellent customer support.
  • It allows limiting screen time on the target iPhone/iPad.
  • It syncs target mobile data with your online account quickly.

  • This app extracts a large amount of data from the target iPhone, battery drainage would be high.
  • The App Blocking feature is missing for iPhones and iPads.
  • The call recording feature working is not excellent.
  • Very uncomfortable installation of the application.

iKeyMonitor™ Work Mode

This advanced spy app works in stealth mode once you have successfully configured it on the target iPhone.

The target iPhone owner cannot detect or delete the iKeyMonitor™ app.

mSpy™ Cell Phone Tracker for iOS

mSpy is the leading parental control software


mSpy™ has been the choice of 1.5 million parents from 180+ countries due to the comfort it offers.

It is the leading parental control software that helps parents prevent their children from cyberbullying and harmful online content.

This best tracker app sends updates from the target iPhone to your mSpy™ account as per the update interval you set.

The company uses encryption protocols to ensure the security and privacy of its customers.

You need to log in to your mSpy™ account from any browser.

mSpy spy app Monitoring

Then you will receive all the monitored information from the target device on your mSpy™ dashboard.

  • Not even the mSpy™ team can see this data.
  • Your monitored data will be visible only to you.

10 Popular Features of mSpy™


mSpy Tracking phone 

mSpy™ phone call tracker allows parents to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on their child’s iPhone. It makes sure that the child is talking to the people you approve of for him. Timestamps and call duration information is also available on the parent’s dashboard.

Text messages:-

Recording text messages mSpy

This app allows you to see every sent, received, and deleted text message on the target iPhone. Parents can keep an eye on their children by monitoring communication. System logs the date, time, and sender of every text message as well.

WhatsApp tracking:-

log in to your mSpy

Using mSpy™ WhatsApp tracker, one can monitor all the WhatsApp information: date, time, duration of every call, text, all the photos and videos shared on WhatsApp, sent received text messages, and multimedia files stored in the gallery.

Social media apps:-

mSpy Telegram Tracker App

This app allows you to track almost all the Internet messaging apps Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and Instagram. You can access all the tracked data directly from your mSpy™ dashboard at any time.

A great variety of entertainment applications is available in the market today.

  • Some apps are educational and beneficial for kids while others contain content inappropriate for youth.
  • Some of these apps support destructive behavior in children.

Others provide an excellent distraction to adults with a taste of nostalgia.

Manage installed apps:-

Manage installed apps mSpy

mSpy™ allows you to view the list of all installed and available apps on the target iPhone. You can choose which apps are allowed to use for your child. You can restrict the usage of unwanted apps with the Block App option. It will also help you in protecting your child from strangers and cyberbullying.

Screen recorder:-

Screen recorder mSpy

Parents can see even disappearing messages (before they have disappeared) on their mSpy™ dashboard using a screen recorder feature. It is no more an issue to access downloaded pictures, dates, and time stamps on each photo on the target iPhone.

Email and To-do list:-

mSpy show all incoming and outgoing emails

mSpy™ allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing emails on your child’s iPhone. You can browse scheduled meetings and meeting details. If a child makes an unusual entry into the calendar, you will get notified at your mSpy™ dashboard. It will give a chance to take appropriate precautions.

Saved contacts:-

contacts on phone mSpy

This app allows you to view all the new and existing contact numbers with their names stored on the target iPhone. You can find out if the battery is dead on your child’s smartphone. Currently, the child has access to the Internet or not.

Uninstall alert:-

mSpy™ dashboard, parents can also see the ten most calling contacts by their child

On the mSpy™ dashboard, parents can also see the ten most calling contacts by their child. If the software is uninstalled or damaged on the child’s iPhone, parents will get notified instantly.


mSpy track more than one device

Users can track more than one device using this app. It also generates reports about calls, messages, and locations of the target user. The company provides professional support to assist you with the initial installation in a live chat.

Do you like to spy on anyone?

Compatibility and Installation

Apple Id and password are required to set up monitoring on iPhone.

You must have physical access to the target iOS device to enable the iCloud backup; you will also receive a verification code on the target device.

This process to configure the mSpy™ app should complete in 5 minutes.

mSpy Buy

Buy mSpy

It’s easy as pie; just select a subscription plan that suits your needs and fill in an online form – once it’s confirmed we’ll send over instructions on how to install our amazing monitoring software so you can start spying right away.

mSpy Install & Set-Up

Install & Set-Up.

The cell phone app runs on a jailbroken iPhone to make full use of all its advanced features, so if you need any help our customer care is available 24/7.

mSpy Start Monitoring

Start Monitoring

You don’t have to be a detective anymore. Track your child’s iPhone using mSpy and monitor all the activities they do on their phone. Simply log in to your Control Panel, enter into Tracking Mode and you will instantly see everything that takes place from text message call logs up until GPS location tracking.

mSpy™ app is compatible with all iOS devices from iOS 7 and above.

An iPhone jailbreak is required at the target device to monitor communication apps WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and telegram with an option to block.


Children always want to move around with other children at home, in parks, in schools, or at social functions.

Parents can set imaginary boundaries around geographical areas using the mSpy™ monitoring tool.

A notification will receive at the mSpy™ dashboard as the child enters or leaves the predetermined area.

mSpy show child enters or leaves the predetermined area

With geo-fencing, parents can keep track of their children all the time when they are at work or have traveled somewhere.

With the Current GPS Location feature, parents can view real-time location, route history, and location list details of their children.

Know where the child is: always brought relief and satisfaction for every parent.

You can even track when your child reaches or leaves the school by adding their school location to the geo-fencing list.

You must have an Internet connection to receive mSpy™ geo-fencing notifications.

Plans and Pricing

For the basic subscription plan, you have to pay monthly. However, you can buy premium packages on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

$29.99 / Month
  • Basic Plan
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Minimum functionality
$69.99 / Month
  • Premium plan
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Full functionality
$16.66 / Month
  • Premium plan
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Full functionality

The pricing of the mSpy™ basic plan is $29.99 per month.

The pricing of the mSpy™ premium plan is $69.99 per month for a monthly subscription, $39.99 per month for a quarterly subscription, and $16.66 per month for a yearly subscription.

You select a subscription based on the features you want to access.

  • Then you input payment information and confirm the purchase.
  • After that, you receive a confirmation email with an installation guide.
  • You can easily set up the mSpy™ app on the target device by following the step-by-step installation guide.

You need to log in to your mSpy™ account to view all the monitored information on your dashboard.

Pros & Cons

  • App blocking feature on the target iPhone/iPad allows better control of kids.
  • mSpy™ setup process is quick and easy.
  • This parental control app provides access to all the photos and videos on a kid’s iPhone.
  • The mSpy WhatsApp tracker feature is excellent.

  • MSpy’s new updates can take some time to install on the target iOS device.

 mSpy™ Work Mode

This app works in hidden mode on the target iPhone/iPad if you don’t choose the option “I would like to keep the icon”; during installation.

mSpy works in hidden mode

However, if you have selected this option, an icon will display, the target user will notify about mSpy™ activities.

This application is in the Top Best Spy Apps for iPhone and we think its merits and functionality will help it to stay in this ranking.

Do you want the app to be hidden?

Final Words

There are many ways and spying apps that you can use to monitor an iOS device without notifying the user.

Some risks are accompanied by jailbreaking; a phone is vulnerable to malware and vulnerabilities.

It is possible to select the best iPhone spy app for any user without needing a jailbreak.

We have tested and reviewed only the most reliable and functional Best Spy Apps for iPhone.

Of course, you should make your own choice based on your preferences.

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