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How to Track a cell phone’s Location for Free

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Today, smartphones are vital devices carried out by everyone. Interacting with harmful people can cause great trouble for your family. Sometimes, it becomes compulsory to track your partner or other family members. And, you can fix the controversial things by monitoring their smartphones.

Popular ways to locate your phone now a day

There are ways to find out: if your partner is cheating on you and help you ensure the safety of your loved ones.

The most reliable way is the use of a phone monitoring app for both Android and iPhone.

phone monitoring app

Spying apps today can only track; a cell phone via its real-time GPS location and its number.

For both Android and iPhone, you can set up a Google Maps service.

Google Maps service

Google Maps allows you to share your location with a specific contact.

Do you want to know a person’s location for free?

When it comes to spying on your family member discreetly, get their smartphone and open Google Maps on it.

Google Maps

Track a cell phone’s Location for Free

Choose ‘Location Sharing’ and then Get Started.

After this, you need to select the option ‘until you turn this off. Enter your email address by clicking on the ‘Select People’ option and closing the app.

Now, you can access Google Maps from your device and track your target’s location on the map.

Not getting good results with this method? Try spying apps they are now available more than ever.

Why choose the uMobix spying app for Android phone tracking?

In terms of supported languages and available functions, uMobix is the best assistant for home and business.

This spy application has a powerful keylogging feature that secretly tracks the activities of your targeted smartphone.

powerful keylogging

Its all versions have decent capabilities. Parents, partners, and employers can use this app for monitoring purposes.

mSPY app for monitoring purposes

What do I need to know for uMobix installation on my phone?

To start monitoring an Android phone or tablet, you need to use a personal device with an Internet connection.

There is a need to access the target Android device physically.

Once you subscribe to the uMobix tracking app plan, you will receive your login details via email.
After installing the spy app on the target phone, you will get all the monitored data on your online dashboard.
The company’s cloud server logs all the activities taking place on your targeted smartphone.
You can view this data by logging into your online dashboard.

Do you trust location-tracking apps?

Basic Functions of the uMobix Application

📞Track call logs:-

 mspy Track call logs

uMobix phone call tracker allows you; to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on your targeted Android phone. It makes sure that the child is talking to the people their parents approve of for him. Timestamps and call duration information is also available on the parent’s dashboard.

📫Manage text messages:-

uMobix Manage text messages

This app allows you to see every sent, received, and deleted text message on the target Android device. System logs the date, time, and sender of every text message as well.

📡Monitor GPS location:-

[caption id="attachment_2070" align="alignnone" width="400"]mspy Monitor GPS location Track a cell phone’s Location[/caption]

With the GPS Location feature, parents can view real-time location, route history, and location list details of their children. It is a handy option for parents and employers confused about where their child or employee spends time. It is an excellent option to find out the physical location of your lost Android device.

🕸️Track the Internet history:-

uMobix to Track the Internet history

You can restrict certain types of websites using the browser history feature. It helps employers in finding out whether employees are wasting time online during working hours. It also helps parents in finding out whether their child is playing games online during studying hours.


uMobix cell phone keylogger

The world’s best cell phone keylogger can help you see what people are typing on their phones.

It can help you stop potentially dangerous interactions.

You can download usernames and passwords for any site or application of the target phone types using the uMobix keylogging feature. It is easy to use.

The keylogger will help you recover any text you accidentally erased. Just copy the text from the uMobix Keylogger.

🧑‍💻User-friendly interface:-

This app has a user-friendly interface.

uMobix has friendly interface


The app records sent, received, and deleted text messages for later viewing.

You can monitor your target phone in real-time.

Keep an Eye on your Target using the Premium Features of uMobix Cell Phone Tracker:

🔉Record phone calls:-

uMobix recording all calls

uMobix allows recording all the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. The system uploads the recorded conversation on your online account right after the target user ends the call. You can listen to this audio phone call anytime remotely; you can download this audio from your dashboard as well.

🖼️ Screenshots-based monitoring:-

uMobix screenshot monitoring

This app provides screenshot-based monitoring of the user. It gives you screenshots from every corner of the installed apps like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Social media apps monitoring:-

umobix to control Social media

It allows you to monitor social media and instant messaging apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber. You can access all the tracked data directly from your uMobix dashboard at any time.

📝Track Applications’ time record:-

umobix Track Applications' time

Parents can browse Applications’ time record details using this feature. This is a function that will give you enormous amounts of information about your child’s phone usage. You may restrict how long your youngster spends using their phone using this phone using software.

📓Check saved contacts on the target phone:-

umobix allows you to view all contact

This app allows you to view all the new and existing contact numbers with their names stored on the target Android device.

📹Track camera:-

Track camera umobix

You can access all the photos and videos captured using the targeted phone’s camera.

The taken pictures are uploaded automatically to your dashboard.

It helps you to know the activities and interests of your child or a staff member.

Is my device compatible with uMobix?

This cell phone tracker supports smartphones running Android version 4.0 and higher.

uMobix for Android

An iPhone Monitoring App of uMobix is available for iOS 7 – 14.

uMobix for iOS

The app runs in the background and covers most of the parts of smartphones today.

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How to install and configure the uMobix app?

You have to visit the official website to download this app.

official website

This tracking app is not available at the play store.

However, you have to prepare the target device from the Play Store menu.

prepare device for uMobix

It will prevent the Android device from asking questions about the activity of this spy app.

  1. Tap the Google Play Store app on the target phone. Find the Play Protect option from the menu bar and open the Settings button.
  2. Then turn off the Scan apps with the Play Protect option. Then you can download and install the uMobix app on this device for monitoring it secretly.
  3. Successful tracking is possible only if the app has been successfully installed and configured on the target device.
  4. You can also visit uMobix’s official website for learning installation steps. You need to Sign Up on the official website first.
  5. Then, you need to log in to your uMobix online account using your target Android phone.
  6. From the dashboard, you can download this app on your target phone. If prompted, tap Settings to allow installation and tap the Install option. Open the app. It will ask you which device you want to monitor.
  7. You can choose one option from the three: My kid’s device, the Employee device, and my device.
  8. Accept the legal terms and click the OK button. It’s time to give special permissions to this tracker app like locations, calls, photos, contacts, etc. Now, you have to enter your login details again.
  9. Select the apps that you want to monitor on the target device. Also, enable the screenshots you would like to record on the target phone by tapping on the YES option. Set up the PIN code to finalize the installation process.

Hence, the target device would be ready to get monitored with your portal on your device remotely.

Is uMobix Legit?

monitoring your child's phone.

This mobile phone tracking app is legitimate; you can use it to monitor your kids. Always consult a legal expert in your area.

uMobix can monitoring your employees

At the office, your employees must know that you are using this program for monitoring purposes on office-owned devices.

But, spying on your rival’s phone using this application is illegal.

How to get data from any smartphone using the uMobix spy app?

For an Android device, you receive an email containing the app download link after purchasing it online.

There is a need for physical access to the target Android device.

You can download the app on the target device by opening the download link.

uMobix license key

Then you need to activate the app by entering its license key after installation. An Internet connection is a must to install this app.

install uMobix

Once configured, you can start monitoring. The company offers a live control panel on its website for users.

It is a simple dashboard. It allows you to set all the mobile functions within the functionality of this software application.

All the details gathered from the target device are accessible on the control panel.

If you need to monitor more than one device, the control panel allows you to switch between devices effortlessly.

Plans and Pricing for uMobix phone tracking app

The company offers its customers one tariff plan with different periods of validity.

Pricing for uMobix

The uMobix subscription plan costs $48 per month with advanced features.

This plan can be used by individuals, such as parents and partners, who want to try the product and understand its functionality.

You can save money by choosing three months or 12 months plan rather than a month. This subscription plan supports all the basic and standard features of the uMobix application.

Pros and  Cons of uMobix application

  • You can use this app for tracking Android devices worldwide.
  • It is an undetectable spying app if you have turned off the Play Protect Scan apps option before installation.
  • To download and install uMobix on an Android phone is fast and easy.
  • It allows you to monitor your child round the clock.
  • This tracking app is easy to use for both tech and non-tech people.
  • As its DEMO version allows you to access the Internet browsing history, you can block access to inappropriate content on your child’s device.

  • Must root or jailbreak for full use of features.
  • Children who are aware of spying apps can get rid of uMobix
  • Doesn’t update in real-time.


The best spy monitoring apps like uMobix for Android are available in the IT market today.

Such an app is a top choice for domestic and technical usage; anyone can select plans and features according to his needs.

uMobix has a good range of reliable tracking features for children, corporate, and marriage safety purposes.




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